Does My Brooklyn NY Property Require Roof Replacement?

Do you need a roof replacement on your Brooklyn NY property?

Having your roof replaced is a major undertaking and may be daunting for many home and property owners. A new roof is costly and you want to be sure that a roof replacement is absolutely necessary and will be long-lasting. However, if you neglect to maintain or repairing your roof in a timely manner, the structural damage to your property can far exceed the cost of a new roof.

Here are some key signs that you will need to invest in a new roof

On the interior of your roof there are some readily discerned signs that your roof is going to require replacement:

  • Light entering from outside – need we say more
  • Dark streaking and mould – a sign of long-standing moisture ingress
  • Sagging in the roof – an ominous sign of major structural problems
  • Water leaking and pooling

On outside inspection you may find:

  • Damaged or loose tiles
  • Algae and moss – which will thrive in moist areas of the roof
  • Pieces of roof tile or shingle – which indicate deterioration of the roof
  • Pooling water – where rainwater is not adequately drained on flat roofs and sagging occurs Loose guttering
  • Broken or lifted flashings – that may allow water to leak inside

Add to this the age of your roof. A roof of an excess of 15 to 20 years old is highly like to need urgent replacement due to progressive wear and tear. If you have any of these problems it is well worth contacting us to undertake a thorough roof survey to fully establish what is going on.

Get expert advice and quotation for your roof replacement from our Brooklyn NY team.

Our professional, reputable roofing contractors have decades of combined experience in dealing with a range of roof types and materials to undertake high-quality durable roof replacement in Brooklyn NY properties. We understand that replacing your roof is a major undertaking so we work to ensure you are fully apprised of the work that needs to be done using materials of the highest quality and our consistent fine workmanship. The first step in roof replacement is to come and assess your needs. Contact our team today to arrange a complimentary site visit where we can see what is going on and answer all your questions before proceeding.