Flat Roof Replacement

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Professional and durable flat roof replacement in Brooklyn, NY

If your Brooklyn NY has a flat roof rather than the typical pitched roofs of brownstones or other buildings, you are probably enjoying their lower expense and maintenance. However, your flat roof still needs attention to keep the structure of your property sound.

Flat roof replacement is a worthwhile investment where your flat roof may be damaged or dilapidated. It is cost-effective and relatively quick and simple. Our Brooklyn NY roofers are able to undertake all stages of replacing your building’s flat roof with the latest techniques and systems and best quality materials for a long-lasting finish which can last decades if well maintained.

We provide a systematic approach to replacing your flat roof

Our team will oversee every step of your flat roof replacement. Typically we install your flat roof joists which are covered with decking and suitable insulation, waterproofing and sealant materials. Though this appears simple, attention to detail is critical. We are able to install both warm flat roofing and cold flat roofing on your property according to your requirements.

Book a roof inspection to look for signs that your flat roof needs to be replaced

We are able to visit your property and inspect your roof to look for any existing damage to the roof or your building. Typical signs that your roof requires replacement include:

  • Extensive water pooling and leakage of water
  • Warping or sagging of the roof structure
  • Rips and tears in the flat roofing material and its seams
  • Frank flat roof failure

If these and other roof problems are present you need to undertake flat roof replacement as soon as possible to avoid damage to your property. Simply call or contact our online to schedule a complementary visit to your property to inspect your flat roof for replacement, provide information and advice and a clear, comprehensive quote.